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All our members will at some stage need to purchase equipment for doing karate and the items you are likely to need are listed and pictured here. You can purchase your own equipment or you can purchase from instructors at discounted prices. Karate Suits (Gi) There are differing types and quality of suits but the most popular intermediate type range from 110cm to 200cm. To ensure you are measuring correctly for a suit simply stand bare foot and measure from the floor to the top of your head in cm, for example if you are 145cm tall you would require a 150cm suit, if you are say 160 cm tall, you will of course require a 160cm suit.
Sparring mits You will need these for general sparring as hand and opponent protection, junior and large size are available.
Gumshields You may feel safer for you or your children using a gumshield particularly when learning or doing competition fighting, again they range in adult or junior size.
Shin/Instep Pads These are shin protectors cover your shin and top of your foot again useful to absorb minor clash injuries, these are available in small, medium and large.
Groin Guards A must have accessory for protection particulary if accidentally kicked in the groin, available in junior and adult size.
If you require any guidance or advice then speak to your instructor who will be happy to help you.